Our Story

C.O.R.E. Automotive Since 2018:
After spending my career in the automotive sales and repair business, I became disheartened with the typical business practices of many dealerships and repair shops. We believe in giving our customers a fair and honest deal on quality vehicles and repair services.

Lower Prices...How We Do It:
We believe good old fashioned common sense. We keep our overhead low, quality high, and prices fair. With common sense policies, warranties, and expectations explained in detail, there are no surprises or regrets.

We Are Different:
In a fast paced world of quotas and greed, we don't play along. We purchase the right vehicles, recondition them the right way and wait for the right buyer. There is no pressure or even salespeople onsite much of the time. We live within the local community and are happy to come by or schedule a test drive at your convenience.